Do you blog about narcissism?

There are so many excellent blogs discussing narcissism today. If you're having a difficult time keeping up with new postings, you're welcome to use this site as a handy reference. If you are interested in linking your blog to Writing Narcissism, use the comment section to describe the focus of your writing and include the url to your blog. Several inactive blogs are also listed because their archives are rich with insight. Please share your personal journey with others!

Hugs and Keep Writing!


Anonymous said...

Thank you for linking to my blog! I'm a survivor of narcissistic parents and I was married to a narc husband for 28 years. I invite readers to come visit. I do mix in articles about other things that are on my mind, but the primary focus is on narcissists and their victims.

Nyssa the Hobbit said...

Thank you for the link! I've been getting hits from it already. The focus of my blog is moving away from narcissism, but the narc posts are still there. :)

Lady Nyo said...

Hi! I've been posting about narcissism for 6 years, but after 8 years of recovery from narcissistic assaults from family (and former friends) I am strong enough to get back to the levels of creativity that were stoppered up by so much of my past. I have written many essays about narcissism in those 6 years, and recently wrote a 3 part essay "Courage to Create". However, I am a poet and painter and also use my blog for these activities. Hopefully people who are going through the hard work of recovering from narcissistic wounds will find something of hope and recovery on my blog.


Lady Nyo

Sue Botchie said...

Thank you so much for posting your one-stop resource. Just added your thoughtful list to the sidebar.

Lise said...

Great resource list! I know about half of these blogs, but there are ones I don't know about which I'd love to look at.

My blog is called "Misadventures With Angry Alcoholics, Bullies and Narcissists" and it is about two years old. The blog is primarily a research blog, which was originally about anger management issues as it related to alcoholism, only to discover that alcoholism can mimic narcissistic personality disorder in some people (there are links to sources about that as well).

I also include my own art at the beginning of every post, and write about my own perspectives. I am a mandated reporter for the State of New York, in other words I am mandated by the state to report signs of child abuse. I have a masters degree in art education and am working towards a masters in social work (counseling victims of abuse and/or research; I haven't decided yet).

The blog URL is: http://angry-alcoholics.blogspot.com/

It began as an offshoot of my main art blog called "Adventures as a Musician and Visual Artist": http://lisewinne.blogspot.com/


Please feel free to link my blog to your site. My blog is call "aPensiveHeart".

I began writing the blog in late 2014 after determing the woman of my dreams, my soon to be ex, displayed narcissistic traits. I only discovered this as a result of investigating my own co-dependent behaviors that were identified as a result of counseling. The blog is about my experiences prior to, during, and after the divorce from my narcissitic wife.

The blog URL is http://apensiveheart.wordpress.com

Narcissist fighting for the good said...

Not sure if this is the place for me, I am a narcissist married to a narcissist. I have not registered my blog yet but my writing is about turning the negative (what society views as) and learnkng to turn it into a positive. I will also share my married life. My wife only discovered her narcissim recently, so it is going to be a learning experience to say the least but we are in love (the best we know how) and have made it eight years without knowing we we are narcissists. I found out about myself first, then her a short time later.
In defense of people of N I would like to say that if there were more awareness and education on the subject these victims writing about all of their negative experiences may have been writing about how incredible their lives are with their narcissist because for me personally now that I know I have made some adjustments along with changes in thinking and now I embrace it. Narcissists are powerful, intelligent, charismatic and talented people (Narcissist would say that lol) and if one were to get the tools and training they could use it for positive purposes. Im sure there will be skeptics found in the victims and not all Ns are going to be willing or able to try but for those lf us that are, it is my belief that those people are going to do great things. Theo S.

Flock with Me said...

Some children of narcissists (myself emphatically included) resort to dark humour to cope with the abuse. I've written a satirical parenting manual for narcissists:


Not everyone will find it funny, but it helped me reframe what my parents did, removing all the excuses I made for their behaviour.

I posted a comment here earlier but my browser pulled a funny and I don't think it got submitted. Forgive me if my comment appears twice.

Anonymous said...

Thank you CZ for the link.
I learned through experience to spot the most charming the most callous and boldest ones around us. They're a few but extremely harmful.
1) Protect our mental sanity
2) Protect others
3) Live peacefully
nat (sunconnection)

nat said...

1)2)3) at the same time

Anonymous said...

Thank you so much for linking to my blog! Your informational page of other bloggers is awesome. What a job you've done for accumulating blogs for readers. I began writing about psychopaths after my personal experience and then expanded to other disorders, such as narcissism. Beautiful blogs you have, btw! I've linked to Vampire and this page specifically.

CZBZ said...

Hi everyone! Thanks for the compliments and your appreciation! I thought this page would be useful. It's difficult keeping track of everyone's updates when we're writing on competing formats (blogger vs. wordpress) so I hoped this would help!

If anyone's blog has not been included, please let me know. I have enjoyed seeing how "new people" interpret current literature on narcissism, how each of you is putting your own spin on the information. AND, contributing your voice to a chorus of other voices willing to share their lives with others. Talking and sharing and connecting to one another is how we heal and grow.

I would like to thank each of you from the bottom of my heart for being willing to share your experiences with all of us.


p.s. Theo, you didn't leave a link in your comment. I'll google around and see if your blog appears. You are welcome to leave me a link to your site, of course!

Crystal Ross said...

These people are dangerous to your health mentally,emotionally, and by all means psychology. They are very manipulative, mean self-centered, non-caring, heartless oh, and only about self. They only look at what they can get out of you and what they can benefit from. No matter how hard you try you cannot change their ways. They are very argumentative oh, and if you don't see their way they will never give. You will never be right you trying to prove your point. You can give your all to them, and they will continue to take. Not caring about how much you May break to make them happy. They are self-centered, selfish, not having feelings, or any type of remorse. They will always make you feel like you are doing wrong.

Anonymous said...

Your blog answers a very real need for those of us who are aware of our narcissism and aware of the damage it does both to others and to ourselves. My wife and I have recently started a blog that may be of additional interest to your readers, as it follows the relationship between a starting-to-become-aware npd husband and a rapidly-getting-tired-of-his-bullshit aspd wife. The confrontation (and occasional correspondence) between the two ways of being give, I think, an unusual but informative insight into the roots and ramifications of destructive narcissistic behaviour and thinking.

The blog is at mirroringthechameleon.wordpress.com

Thank you!

A Husband

Ekta said...


Thank your for the helpful overview of blogs about narcissism and narcissistic abuse and how to overcome it. Would like to share a blog i am writing about narcissists in spiritual circles. Unfortunately that seems to be rife as they are drawn to empathetic and compassionate people like moths to a flame. It is very detailed with examples so people can become aware how narc tactics work in practise. i was very ignorant about all this until my blinkers were graciously removed. You can find my blog at: www.kosmicfusionmusings.blogspot.com

Much gratitude,

Angie said...


Thank you so much for the link to this page. I started writing in 2012 but I’ve been inactive for a few years -but decided to revisit it to update readers on a complete recovery.

My blog is called Silver Boundary and it represents the silver lining in our dark clouds. Obviously it’s about finding that special boundary so we can let abusers out; but still have enough faith to rebuild our lives and invite new people in.
The tag line is:
How to stop abuse and attract real love.
I always thought I would come back to it when I was happily married to prove it can be done - I am not married but in a very happy relationship so I would still like to inspire others to do the same. It’s great to come back and see some of the original bloggers still writing: eg Phoenixrising; ladywiththetruck; and nourissa... I also only just realised Afternarcissisticabuse was written by a man!

But most of all I wanted to thank you for nominating me for the narcissist slayer award back in 2012 (created by Phoenix rising) - I was at a real low point and that was the most heartwarming gesture. I haven’t cried over the narcissist in all this time, but remembering that post still brings me to tears because I remember how much it meant to be acknowledged by a fellow survivor.

I became a personal trainer and live a lovely fulfilling life now. I will never forget the support of tender words and the validation from my peers.
Much love to all and wishing you continued success with your kind efforts.

Stay strong, stay blessed

Ariel (real name - Angie) 😉

Sue said...

Dear CZBZ and Friends, has anyone noticed how some narcs can't seem to bother with routine home maintenance? i've seen a few articles, but not many on how these horribly selfish people make home life very worrisome and unpleasant for their families. Just my gut feeling (for whatever that's worth) but i think this goes on more than people realize. So the "sloppy" neighbor may have a long-suffering family.

Nyssa The Hobbit said...

Yeah, the narc couple we knew--Their house was disgustingly filthy. Not just normal neglect from busy people, but so bad I could swear the furniture all had skid marks. I avoided the bathroom as much as possible, because filth covered every inch of the floor and toilet. And the house smelled bad, too. Just nasty. That and all the yelling and screaming and hitting.
I felt sorry for their kids, growing up in that.